Dexterity and Mobility (unapproved)

We have split the list into different areas in order to make it easier to find the conversation you want to take part in.

Support needs list for dexterity and mobility

The needs on this page come from initial research and a fully approved and expanded version will form part of the second standardised list. We welcome additions to and comments on these needs from those whose lived experience means they have needs relating to speech and language. This list does not include, at this point, those needs covered elsewhere.

Writing to me

  • Do not send me items in the post that require fine motor skills or grip (such as card readers, paperwork with small tear off strips, or delicate scratch-off materials)

Phone calls

  • I need you not to require me to key in information such as an account number in order to access an assistant or a service

Meeting me

  • I use my own adapted device for using software – if you require me to use software for any tasks when we meet, I will need to do so on this device

Interacting with Me  

  • My speech may be affected (including involuntary words or sounds)
  • My movement may be affected (including repetitive or noticeable body movements)

Using your Service

  • I need not to be locked out if I make a mistake typing in a PIN
  • I need to see what I am typing when I enter my password
  • I need more login attempts before I am locked out of my account for an incorrect entry
  • I need not to be asked to type a PIN for my contactless payment card
  • I need longer before you log me out for inactivity
  • I need to disable pop-ups in order to use my device. Please give me a route through your site that does not require the use of pop-ups
  • I cannot provide a written signature

Get Involved

If there are support needs you would like to suggest, you can email us on or leave a comment for discussion on this page.

We view all comments before they are published to sure they meet the project’s code of conduct, which you can view here. We welcome open discussion, but it is important that for safety and data protection reasons we moderate comments that may contain sensitive personal information. We are also aware that many people are, with very good reason, angry about past and present experiences. This project is aimed at improving experiences, but to do that it is important to maintain dialogue in a respectful way. We also recognise that power does not rest equally between all stakeholders in this project, and do not wish those who might be perceived as having more power to be seen as intimidating those who have less.

What kind of support need are we looking for you to suggest?

  • specific – specific enough that if someone is told, they will know what action to take
  • include any additional information that might be helpful – such as assistive technology that you know/use, or particular ways that organizations have met that need that have really worked

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