Mental Health Conditions and Dementia

We have split the list into different areas in order to make it easier to find the conversation you want to take part in.

This page is for the “mental health conditions and dementia” part of the list. At present this does not include neurodivergence (you can read about why in the green paper here). We very much welcome suggestions for needs related to neurodivergence (e.g. dyslexia, autism, ADHD, dyspraxia), but these suggestions will be considered when we devote our attention to expanding the list to include neurodivergence. For the initial stage of revisions, we are looking for additional suggestions in relation to mental illness and dementia.

Support Needs List for Mental Health Conditions and Dementia

The needs on the current list under the category of “mind” are as follows. As you will see, they have been grouped according to the kind of interaction you are having with an institution.

Writing to me

  • Send in Easy Read format
  • I cannot reply in writing to letters or post

Phone calls

  • I cannot speak on the phone – do not call me
  • I use text-to-speech software to communicate

Meeting me

  • I cannot attend meetings in person
  • I need longer appointments
  • I have someone that will accompany me to provide support.
  • I have an assistance dog that will accompany me.
  • I prefer to meet in a quiet space (if available)
  • I prefer to meet in an open area with people around (if available)
  • I find social interaction difficult – please take this into account.

Other people  

  • I have someone who helps me make decisions*

*Some list items need to have sub choices in order to provide the level of clarity required for institutions to make the change you need. In this case “I have someone who helps me make decisions” has the extra choice “I’d like to set up third party access to my account.”

Get Involved

If there are support needs you would like to suggest, you can email us on or leave a comment for discussion on this page..

We view all comments before they are published to sure they meet the project’s code of conduct, which you can view here. We welcome open discussion, but it is important that for safety and data protection reasons we moderate comments that may contain sensitive personal information. We are also aware that many people are, with very good reason, angry about past and present experiences. This project is aimed at improving experiences, but to do that it is important to maintain dialogue in a respectful way. We also recognise that power does not rest equally between all stakeholders in this project, and do not wish those who might be perceived as having more power to be seen as intimidating those who have less.

What kind of support need to suggest

  • specific – specific enough that if someone is told, they will know what action to take
  • include any additional information that might be helpful – such as assistive technology that you know/use, or particular ways that organizations have met that need that have really worked

4 thoughts on “Mental Health Conditions and Dementia”

  1. Mental Health:
    – I need regular reminders before a bill is due to be paid
    – If I spend a lot of money quickly it would be helpful if my bank contacts me to see if everything is ok, as they will likely be the only people who are aware of my impulsive spending.
    – give me extra time at the end of a phone call. This is so I can think slowly and check I haven’t missed anything. I am often rushed off the phone by my bank.

  2. I need help with bills while I am in the hospital and repaying all of the associated costs I’m not sure how to build an account profile to include all of the extraneous expenses such as psychiatry, therapists, ambulatory fees, temporary loss of income, etc.

    1. Thank you – there are two things there that are really important. The second part I think will be less applicable in the UK but very important as we expand globally, but I think the first, help during a stay in hospital is something that will apply everywhere and something we should start discussing how organisations could respond to so we can find the best way of including it.

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