Welcome to WhatWeNeed.Support.

This is the first iteration of the website for this project. We are aware that at present some parts of the site do not function as well as we would like with screen readers. We are working with experts to resolve this as quickly as possible.

The aim of this project is

  • to describe the changes, reasonable adjustments, and support needs that disabled and vulnerable consumers want firms, businesses, and institutions to meet;
  • to describe them in such a way that organizations are able to act on them straightaway.

If you are a disabled or vulnerable consumer, you can review the current support lists that we have on the site, and add support needs that are missing. We are also interested in hearing from you if you would be interested in contributing to our blog. We will publish one post per month, and will pay £150 to contributors . Blog posts should be on the subject of support needs – if you have an idea for a post, please email us on info@whatweneed.support. We realise that payment may affect people’s entitlement to benefits. If this applies to you, we would be happy to discuss making a donation to a cause instead of payment.

If you are a firm or business, you can learn directly from these consumers about the changes they want you to make so your organization is accessible to them. You can also be part of the ongoing discussion to ensure future needs included on our lists are described in ways that mean organizations like yours are able to meet them.

If you are a researcher, a developer, or a policy maker, you can use these Support Lists to build policy, strategy, and platforms in your area of expertise to help improve the lives of disabled people and those in vulnerable situations.

WhatWeNeed.Support is a Community Interest Company, independently run by a team who are disabled, have experience of vulnerable situations, or specialise in this area.

Everything on this website is free and open-source. Anyone can suggest a support need. Any firm can use the Support Lists in any way to improve the way they do business.

To start reviewing and improving our Support Lists, you can begin here.

To find out about our work programme and areas for 2022/23, go here.

Our code of conduct, which explains both how you can expect us to behave towards you and how we expect those who use this site to behave towards us and each other is here.

Our accessibility standards policy is here.

Our data and privacy policy is here.

 WhatWeNeed.Support is supported by a seed fund innovation grant from Experian.  We are seeking other forms of support.   Please email us at info@whatweneed.support if you can help.

3 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. a great idea but its a shame the site has black on white background which isn’t accessible for dyslexics such as myself. perhaps an accessibility plug in would help.

  2. Thanks, David – we have tried to avoid accessibilit6y plugins and solve problems at a deeper level if we can but we are very aware of this issue and I’m trying to fix it in the theme so that the page colour is the same as the border colour! We are looking at other themes that will allow us to do this while preserving other accessibility features.
    Best, Dan (admin)

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