Suggestion Board

The great ideas submitted so far, by theme, will appear here. We will take individual suggestions and combine them to avoid duplication.

This page will be kept for active discussions.

Once suggestions have been discussed at one of our events, and incorporated into the lists (or not), we will archive the discussion. At that point, you will be able to access the discussion around particular suggestions by reading the proceedings of the events at which they were discussed on the past events page.

Please discuss any and all of them in the comments, or email us your thoughts to and we will update the suggestions to reflect these.


When I Meet You

“I am a lip reader. If you use a face covering, I need you to use a transparent one”

Mental Health Conditions and Dementia

When I Meet You

“I struggle with informal or social interaction. Please do not make small talk such as asking, ‘how are you?’ when we meet.”

When We Speak on the Phone

“Give me extra time at the end of a phone call. This is so I can think slowly and check I haven’t missed anything. I am often rushed off the phone by my bank.” (N.B. the current list covers extra time on calls, but this is something slightly different. Is it possible to separate the two out?)

When I Use Your Systems

“When you update or upgrade your website, I need to be able to continue using the current version for a period while I get used to the new version.”

Managing My Account

“I am going into hospital. I need a breathing space.” (also for “life events”?)

“I am going into hospital. I need help managing my account and paying my bills.” (also for “life events”?)

“I need regular reminders before a bill is due to be paid”

“I sometimes spend impulsively. If I spend a lot of money quickly, please contact me to see if everything is ok”

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