Our Accessibility Standards and Policy

This whole project is about accessibility, so we take the accessibility of this site very seriously. This project does not seek to make a profit, but it also does not seek to run without incurring costs. For that reason, we actively search for funding. And the primary calls on that funding are:

  • Paying those participants in the Oversight Group who have lived experience of disability or are in vulnerable circumstances;
  • Fairly paying those who contribute blog posts and other work – for which we actively seek to work with disable creators;
  • Ensuring we are as accessible as possible, including paying for captioning, transcriptions, and signing for events (again, seeking to do so from disabled providers and/especially those who best meet disabled people’s needs.

This site will be audited by the Digital Accessibility Centre, who have also audited the original white and green papers describing the project.

We will endeavour to make our events as accessible as possible as well.

But we realise we will get things wrong. And that sometimes we may not be able to do everything. We hope you will tell us when this is the case, you will tell us. And we will seek ways to do better. And where necessary we will seek the funding needed to enable us to do so.