Support Needs Lists

The support needs lists are at the heart of everything we do.

Our vision is that it becomes the basis for accessibility practice and policy across as many industries and organizations as possible to deliver real support that makes a genuine difference to millions of lives.

In order to achieve that goal, we need the list to be:

  • Built on the complete range of suggestions of the widest possible range of people with lived experience of having a support need;
  • Compiled in discussion with the organizations that need to implement those needs so that it is not just a wish list but able to make a real difference;
  • Sufficiently ambitious that it not only reflects what can be done now, but drives the agenda for what organizations should be doing in the future, where research, development, and strategy should focus;
  • Evolving, so that it grows and changes as technology and regulation advance.

And to start, we need the lists to be complete. And that is what we need your help with first of all, as we seek to expand upon the very limited first version. The headings we have used to describe the lists: sight, hearing, mental health and dementia have resulted from long discussions with those with lived experience but we realise they still might not be right, and welcome your input on them.

Download a spreadsheet containing these lists here

Join the discussion on individual support areas

Find out why we started here, and how we went about it, by reading the resources here and the “about the project” page.

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