This year’s programme of discussion and activities

The project’s calendar is built around the annual congress, the first holding of which we expect to be in January 2023 and the meeting of the Oversight Group held immediately afterwards.

In the first period, up to January 2023, the focus will be on expanding the existing areas of sight, sound, and mind as fully as possible.

The annual congress provides a discussion of all of the updates to the list that have been suggested over the previous year through your contributions and conversations. It is open to everyone to attend and anyone can apply to participate in the discussion. And agenda and call for participants will be issued before the meeting.

The annual congress will produce a draft revised version of the lists. The Oversight Group will then decide whether or not to ratify each suggested change, and the result will be the new stable version, which will remain in place for a year. The Oversight Group will also decide what areas should form the basis of the following year’s discussions, and will report back through this website with themes and questions.

Leading up to the annual congress there will usually be two interim events, but one in the first year, probably in November 2022. This will discuss suggestions received up to that point. We will announce these in advance. They will be open for anyone to participate in.